Banning system is ready!

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Banning system is ready!

We have just finished new feature on called banning system. The main idea of that system was providing you higher quality of content on the website. 

In case of comment violating website rules in movie or topic you could report it by clicking "Report" option displayed after hovering some comment (option is available only for logged users).


After clicking it you will see dialog box where you can describe your report.


Choose type of your report and tell us in few words how reporting comment breaks website rules. After sending your report we will consider it as soon as possible. After considering your report you will get private message with our decision.

You could also follow statuses of your reports in Reports subpage (only for registered).

First accepted report means warning for "bad guy" and the second one is equal with temporary ban for him.

More updates on vm soon...

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Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4448 20
6 years ago
Great update, cant wait for some more new updates
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