Volleyball-Movies.net in 2012: The Year in Review

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Volleyball-Movies.net in 2012: The Year in Review In 2012 our site was visited by an average of 6167 times (+44% in compare to 2011) by 1377 Internet unique users every day (+35%). 2.30 new users registered daily, 6 movies were added, and all users left 56.90 new posts and comments daily.
33% of all visits came from Google browser and 18% from Facebook.
Website reached the highest position on the Google browser on keywords "volleyball movies" and "volleyball videos" and with each of the following month is gaining a higher position on keyword "volleyball" in the different language versions of Google. The most viewed material on the website in 2012 was discussion about transfers in season 2012/13, which was viewed over 500,000 times.
Many users engage in the life of Volleyball-Movies.net, for what I would like to thank you so much. paw-e-l and vViktor
were adding new features on the website, przemek16 was adding live transmissions of volleyball matches, he is also responsible for our profile on Facebook. He moderates content of the website since October. If he didn't work so much, v-m would probably die.
Thanks to the engagement of the users from all over the world we are able to watch volleyball news from the best leagues. Kjeldhor adds Highlights made by himself from Italian Serie A, aragoTV shows us life of French club: Arago de Sete from the inside, thanks to the betovoley100 we could imagine level of Argentinian league, he adds also archival materials, just like vatreni . Thanks to the ivolley we are able to watch moments from the latest matches of the strongest league in the world. raylight still continues his great work and uploads full matches from Italian and Russian leagues. luck191 is adding news from Brazilian, German, Russian and Polish leagues for some time.

List of the most important events on the Volleyball-Movies in 2012:
January 6th - adding shoutbox to the website
January 15th - adding Watched me window in profiles
January 21th - the most revered movie creator in Poland: GMCNetwork registered on the website
January 23th - Volleyball-Movies.net protest against ACTA agreement. Website had just black background and two movies, but despite it website was visited 6771 times in that day (2nd place in January!)
February 9th - changing of voting system.
February 11th - creating The Movie of the Year by Sllaveq: Volleyball-Movies.net Promotional Spot
February 18th - creating a slider on homepage containing movies from "Me playing volleyball" category
March 17th - Waiting movies category
March 28th - Women and Beach volleyball on Volleyball-Movies
April 8th - integration of the website with Facebook. Number of webiste's fans on Facebook has increased from 300 to over 1,800.
May 31th - leaving of one of the best movie creators of Volleyball-Movies: eRKa. Before his leaving he has created one of the best movies in our website: The best actions in The Olympics 2008
June 3rd - record of the number of registered users online: 91. There was live transmission of Poland - Brazil match in World League 2012 (Katowice).
July 16th - changing of the way of showing the movies on homepage. Description of the movie is showed next to the thumbnail.
July 29th - openning of the men's tournament in The Olympics 2012 and our resignation of live transmissions.
August 13th - extra fields in profiles
November 29th - presentation on Facebook of one of the TOP100 movies each day

The best movie of 2012 (and 2nd place among the best movies on Volleyball-Movies) was "Volleyball-Movies.net Promotional Spot" created by Sllaveq . The most active user in 2012 was Wilfredo_is_Marshall , he wrote 1066 comments in movies, 564 posts in discussions and added 276 movies to the website.

1) Visits in 2012: 2251264 (+44% in compare to 2011)
2) Views in 2012: 8825818 (+29%)
3) Most daily visits in 2012: 18.05.2012, 14838 visits (the opening of World League 2012)

4) Visits from countries:
1. Poland : 797361 (35,42% of all visits)
2. Italy : 111289 (4,94%)
3. Bulgaria : 106927 (4,75%)
4. USA : 92947 (4,13%)
5. Germany : 88470 (3,93%)

5) Added movies in 2012: 2170 (+132%)
6) Registered users in 2012: 840 (-29%)
7) Added comments in 2012: 12748 (-25%)
8) Added posts in discussions in 2012: 8023 (-9%)
9) Most viewed movie of movies added in 2012: Guillaume Samica 3rd meter spike (46337 views)
10) Top rated movie of movies added in 2012: Volleyball-Movies.net Promotional Spot (86 votes for YES)

11) Most active users in 2012 (in 2011 it was raylight - 1873):
1. raylight - 1660 (543 comments, 1117 posts)
2. Wilfredo_is_Marshall - 1630 (1066 comments, 564 posts)
3. Kk15 - 1007 (17 comments, 990 posts)
4. pearl - 728 (256 comments, 472 posts)
5. Zyta - 715 (614 comments, 101 posts)

12) Top movie creators in 2012 (in 2011 it was raylight - 196):
1. betovoley100 - 361 movies added in 2012
2. Wilfredo_is_Marshall - 276
3. raylight - 168
4. vatreni - 136
5. luck191 - 106

13) The best comment in 2012:

14) The worst comment in 2012:

about movie where Michał Kubiak helped Bartman

1) Sections on forum

2) New comments system

3) Galleries of users in profiles


betovoley100AR 512 8
7 years ago
more Movie Maker is an honor and a responsibility, to repeat it and overcome it. thanks
John17FR 159 7
7 years ago
Best comments of 2012 ? me ? surprised. I think it will be Wilfredo..
vatreniME 286 13
7 years ago
just keep going in this way site is fantastic, and I also like new projects, and I hope it will be more, and more ideas, suggestions...
NightFoxBG 1503 15
7 years ago
Happy New Year !!! Great statistics and I hope the site will go bigger and bigger.
SkRabOyRU 10 1
7 years ago
I wonder what happen to fadel, he is not a active user anynore
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4451 20
7 years ago (edited by Wilfredo_is_Marshall 7 years ago)
Great year for vball-movies!
erka will forever be remembered.

Vball-movies play a big role in my life, to me its like a second facebook because I am constantly checking the site to see if anything new is happening. Thank you for giving me the " Most Active User" Award and Happy New Year! The site would have never been possible without chrison and the rest of the administrators!

I hope vball-movies continues to grow. I am glad whenever I see a new user to the site because that means they have become part of one of the best volleyball sites in the world.

My favorite moment of the 2012 year was not long ago during the Coppa Italian Finals between Trentino and Lube. It was a great match because Matey's game winning serve was great!

I hope all the users on vball-movies also take some time in the new year to go out and play lots of volleyball!

Once again, Happy New Year!
NagorPL 1508 15
7 years ago
chrisonPLAuthor 582 16
7 years ago
MasterOPuppetsMK 267 6
7 years ago
KjeldhorIT 1090 16
7 years ago
great great great....
but in 2013 we can grow up
RachelBR 681 8
7 years ago

Unfortunitely, I'm not following volleyball very much lately for so many reasons, but it's still good to come here to watch videos as much as I can...
I wish you all a happy 2013
CyberPunkES 63 2
7 years ago
hahaha at least revan extasis dont make the worse comment of the year ahhaha and 2nd place wilfredo of movie makers? man yoy have to change movie maker of uploads games or something like that, you know how hard is make a entire 3min lenght movie for those guys
hanes233EE 1408 5
7 years ago
Im very glad, than people can discuss again and get smarter
chrisonPLAuthor 582 16
7 years ago (edited by chrison 7 years ago)
@hanes233 - good point. Few months ago we wanted to make sections on forum. Here's the proof ;)

We will make it soon.
hanes233EE 1408 5
7 years ago
RenanZ, he asked for it
There is one big thing wrong with the site, one thing that stops making big and intresting discussions, that there are random topics under fanclubs, topics that have nopthing to do with the fanclub. For example Matey Kaziyski fan club is one of the most flooded with topics what have nopthing to do with him, if u want to discuss there noone will even notice your post This is one of the first things I would change in 2013
RenanZBR 1608 15
7 years ago (edited by RenanZ 7 years ago)
Of course this is a reflect of the hard work of the administrators, but I like to believe that the greatness of this comunity is made by all of us. Cheers for everybody

ps: 2012 was the year to bully Wilfredo!
raylightBG 3109 15
7 years ago
Volleyball - movies - connecting fans from all over the world
SllaveqBG 826 10
7 years ago
Nice! I hope next year will be better for you/us!
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