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Volleybox backlog

We created such topic to show you on which topic we are currently working. There are a lot of ideas in our mind, but the main problem are limited human resources.

We want to share some our soonest plans with you. Over time we will reveal more details about our ideas. At the moment they are described as "Other 86 tasks".

Actually we are looking for a business investor who will determine the directions of website development, QAs, copywriters and developers. Feel free to contact us.

You can write about your ideas here. Our goal is to digitise volleyball world.

Soonest plans:

  1. Notifications on left-side menu about new topics on forum.
  2. Displaying tournaments chats on forum.
  3. Sending email to participants of previous edition of some prediction game about new one.
  4. Automatic hiding old movies/news/links in the waiting room (e.g. older than 2 weeks).
  5. Adding comments for club's reviews.
  6. Ranking for best players in current year (suggested by @MihaiZarate).
  7. Adding "Observe" button in profiles. Users will be able to subscribe to some tag / profile and will get emails or notifications on the website about related news.
  8. Enabling users editing clubs historical names.
  9. Other 88 tasks.


Only last changes are presented below:

Launching the sale of Volleybox gadgets.

Sending registered pro players emails about new job offers.

Creating match diary. Users are able to create a list of matches which they watched live on the hall.

Full ranking of TOP players of prediction games. Medal table of prediction games. Latest activity of prediction games.

Adding "Most comments in this week", "Most comments in this month", "Best comment of the week", "Best comment of the month" sections in Users comments page.

Changing design of users, players, teams, arenas tooltips.

Using advanced editor while adding comments (suggested by @sitenoise).

Adding user mentions and hashtags while adding news and forum threads.

Adding "Private messages settings" section in profile settings. Users are able to specify from which user groups they can get private messages.
Adding possibility of blocking private messages from a specific user.

Adding profile setting "Hide me among online users".

Creating landing page explaining our project.

Adding chats in tournaments.

Displaying TOP users of rounds in prediction games.
Grouping finished matches in prediction games by rounds.

Adding subpage with newest users comments.
Adding user achievements (badges)

Extending job offers list with another volleyball jobs (not only offers for volleyball players).
Adding "Add prediction" button on the matches list.

New forum design.

Fixing a bug related with timezones while adding / editing a match. Matches are added according user's local timezone now.
Adding possibility of removing family relations between players to their authors.

Changing icons style.

Changing header style.

Automatic acceptation of movies, news and links based on user votes (more here).

Adding related links for movies, news and links.

Adding club's reviews by volleyball players.

Best players bug reported by @sitenoise here.

Adding job offers by volleyball clubs.

Displaying what's new for you after entering transfers page.

Adding new attribute in player profiles: dominant hand (right/left), reported by @KVOLLEY.
Adding new type of tournament: "clubs and national teams", reported by @sitenoise.
New rankings of users: most comments, most likes.

Changing way of editing link to social profiles in the items.

Enabling users editing their gender and birthday.

Trophies won by player.
Medal table in tournaments.
Winners table in tournaments.
[Suggested by @franzvinci01]

Adding movies directly for match.
Trophies won by team.

Simplifying adding matches while adding movie.

Sorting movies in profiles (players, teams, arenas, tournaments).

Displaying best players in club history.

Autofilling tags while adding Youtube video.
Enabling users to add new tags while adding movie/news/link.

Sorting items in tags. Changed tooltips styling and mechanism.

Expanding and collapsing team rosters in tournaments.
Displaying soonest and current tournaments in tournaments subpage.

UI changes in searching items on the website.

Enabling adding predictions games by reliable users.
Creating a mechanism for sending a reminder e-mails about soonest matches to predict in prediction games.

Logging with Google.

Sending user’s recalls in notification emails.

Enabling adding movies from streamable hosting.

Volleybox 73
1 month ago
There are live chats in every tournament now. For example there is World Cup 2019 chat: https://volleybox.net/men-world-cup-2019-o8410/chat
Volleybox 73
1 month ago
There is new option in your profile setting "Hide me among online users". If you don't want to be displayed in the right-bottom section "Online" users (on desktop devices) just check that option.
Volleybox 73
1 month ago
Now you can block getting private messages from specific users or from some type of users (fans / players / scouts / coaches).
Volleybox 73
3 weeks ago
You can add user mentions and hashtags while adding news and forum threads. Now we will implement same feature for adding comments...
sitenoiseUS 32 4
1 week ago

I haven't quite tracked this down, but often I find myself on the "Men Volleybox" side of the site. When I just clicked on a "notification" that brought me here, it happened. Not a big deal in itself but then all my left side icons (matches, comments, transfers) are about men. I guess it's because you started the thread while in the Men's world, and now that I think about it, it's expected behavior. So ... never mind. I'll just pay more attention.

Shi DanielCN 3 2
1 day ago

the website is awesome, by far the best in business. the mission is also great. but somehow it's hard to be profitable in this sector given such a business model. would like to see more new stuff to come in the future:)

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