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I thought we had a discussion about what this field was for a while back but I can't find it.

#AkiMomii , setter for Japan women's NT, is getting a little buzz these days and there is some curiosity about her heritage. Her mother is half Spanish and her father is half Peruvian. Aki was born in Japan, went through school in Japan and has played volleyball only in Japan.

My understanding of the “Second Nationality” field is that it is for players who either play for/in a country different from the one they have citizenship with, or for those players who have changed citizenship from the country they were born in. Something like that, I forget which.

Forgive me if I have that all wrong but the curiosity is there about Momii and a News Item about her heritage would satisfy that curiosity. I don't think that's what the “Second Nationality” field is for.  Is it?

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Okay, unilateral decision. “Second Nationality" is not for tracing bloodlines. It's for where you were born and for where you play volleyball. Sorry, Aki. No Peru for you ?

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‘Second nationality’ - it is example of the bad naming,, cause it‘s confused and not straightforward. 

For example, ‘Sport nationality’ could be one of the good alternative for replacement.

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