Menegatti & Gottardi's First Victory Together at the 2023 Saquarema Challenge

pedeshtrian 2023-04-29 • 1288 views

#MartaMenegatti and #ValentinaGottardi entered this week’s #WorldTourSaquarema2023 Challenge event, in Brazil, determined to display consistent progress after finishing fourth at the Tepic Elite16 a few weeks ago. The two achieved their goal and won their first title as partners at the tournament held at the #CentrodeDesenvolvimentodeVoleibol.

By the way, they “literally” lost their semi final match but referees made a huge mistake by missing Gottardi's clear net fault at the match point for the Lithuanian team and allowed the Italians continue to play for the gold.

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Marta Menegatti

Marta Menegatti Italy

Birthdate: 1990-08-16
Height: 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Valentina Gottardi

Valentina Gottardi Italy

Birthdate: 2002-11-19
Height: 184cm
Weight: 67kg


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