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@MefiuLeon O thanks. Had not thought about that yet

@AlenVolley But how come Modena does have the money to spend this year? Last year they didnt have any and needed to let a lot of players go

@johanneslei But Zenit already has 2 outside hitters in Volkov and Bednorz and already 2 foreigners in Bednorz and Christenson, so that would be weird…

@AlenVolley Understandable for Ter Maat, but Antanasov has so much more to achieve than this…

@kaljumbos This is a picture posted by jackie_mcfly on instagram. As you can see Russel just had surgery on his knee.

@RevanExtasisEvo O thats new to me. Intersting concept. thanks

@kaljumbos Anderson is definitely training with them now at least, so I think its safe to say that he'll play

@Kato Hey, as far as I last heard (TJ Defalco talked about it in his podcast) there will be no relegations. Every team will stay in their league

@Sherlock But then again, Nishida has played multiple matches on international level against good countries and could still perform. Players like Keita don't even have that.

@Montas @PawełStanisławski Isac to Lube comes back every year or so. Stil would be intersting to see it happen.

@gryfny_bergmann Omg yes I would love to see that. I always thought that Boyer was one of the most bouncy players

@gryfny_bergmann now he only has to prove himself… 

@Sherlock Indeed such a shame to see Aguenier not on this list… man he was great for Verona imo.

@Qyss Well its possible that he will just break the contract. That happens a lot in volleyball doesnt it?

@KVOLLEY Intersting roster to say the least

@jais Well, I'm not a big fan of Voronkov so I could understand what they are doing on the  outside position, but in the middle… why…. 
Btw imo Voronkov should just find a club that is willing to start him so he could improve more 

Zenit Kazan with yet another average middle attacker transfer

@PRÄNKBRÖT Yes, Im so happy to see him in serie a. Does that mean that Nishida will probably go to Calippo?

@AAA65 Quite funny how he just switches jobs with Blengini

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