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@Eylull oK but in SB all the players are not as strong as Fedorosteva . Happy fans of Fenerbahce 

Unbelievable dinamo ak-bars !!! how can they let Arina Fedorovtseva go ? a madness

@AndrewYoung Neuchatel is building a very interesting team . Scambray and Holt have signed for next season ?

@EvgeniyDaiv i hope for you if you're a Kazan's fan but several of the announced transfers have been confirmed, so …..wait and see

@Eylull I just read that Arina Fedorovsteva will play for Fenerbahce next season . She's the next big thing of this game. Happy fans 


@Eylull Yes , but Naz is excellent ? She doens't stay ?

I'm a litte surprised and disappointed to notice that such an excellent setter as Buse Unal -in the starting six of an very good team Nilufer - prefers becoming a bis, even in a top club like Fenerbahce 

@anilcanleclerc  If you're turkish, you're lucky to have so talented setters at the moment Elif Sahin, Cansu Ozbay, Buket Gulubay, Unal Buse, Aslihan Kulic , the older of this list is 1996 ! !l + Sengunn 2002 + Kafkas ,  insane . I'm just watching Nilufer_Aydin and when i watch Unal Buse ( she has good fingers , she  can block , she's very fast under the ball, she'  smart) and compare the job Mirkovic did with Ecza againt Fener, a shame  !!!!! Elif Sahin was upset against Fener ? or it was Motta's choice .  Unbelievable in my opinion 

@GilGonzalez i think she has one more season of deal with Kazan

@york11 “playing regurarly” ! ;she's in the starting six of Kazan every game and scores and plays well as receiver and in the back row and her service is very strong  . 

A powerful spiker is ok for opposite but as outside hitter it's not enough  . Fo instance :Kosheleva  ……


@york11 You're a little unfair with Scuka ; she's not spectacular but as outside hitter she's good in every job you have to do in this role Carutasu is excellent but the really next big deal is Arina Fedorovtseva , or …….Elif Sahin 

@anilcanleclerc If you're a fan of Yesilyurt , i can understand you and in my opinion for her also staying could be good specially if Yesilyurt keep  all these young and talented players Carutasu ,Cebecyoglu, + Scuka. I like this team and it could have a good future 

@EylullIn the Serbian team, Maja decides everything; he even chose Malesevic !!! and he thinks that the second best Serbian setter  is Mirkovic , so ……

@Eylull I'm just watching Ecz -Fen . Terzic is becoming more and more strange . He's the most overrated coach….unbelievable that Fen signed him for three more seasons. His time-out talk looks more and more those of Karpol :) .And you don't like Lazareva but the main problem, except Terzic, is the duo Busa-Mihajlovic, absolutly catastrophic . 



@Eylull i can't understand why Fenerbahce signs again Terzic . If Fenerbahce wants to be stronger they've to sign Arina Fedorovsteva the very young russian player from Dinamo AkBars . She's the next star of this game and can play outside hitter and opposite.She's fantastic 

@Eylull Last week, i've watched Fernerbahce against Vakifbank and against Novara . The first problem is Terzic , the second problem is Mihajlovic and Busa unable to receive correctly . I don't think that Naz like Terzic when i watch her during the time out specially ! I can't understand why Fenerbahce doesn't sign  the turkish coach of Nilufer, for instance, who is an excellent coach

@Ties It depends if fenerbahce wants a turkish player or a foreign player . I've read that Laura Heyrman (an excellent belgium player at the moment captain of Monza in italia could be a reinforcement ) but with the rule of foreign player perhaps the club prefers a turkish player …..or with Terzic as coach perhaps a serbian player who knows ?

Plummer , at the moment, can't play with a top team as outside hitter . her skills in the back row aro not good enough (same thing for Stysiak). 

@Eylull Lazareva is a very good player ; you probably never watched her play . It's stupid .It reminds me the comments of Italians when Haak arrived in Scandicci at 19 coming from France. The big mistake is to sign again Terzic !



@Eylul  perhaps    libero : Simge  ;  setter : Maja   ;  OH : Zhu Ting ,Ishii  ;  MB :  Ogbogu , Yuan 

Opposite  Haak                but i would like also : 

 libero : De Gennaro   ; Setter : Asia Wolosz ; OH :Zhu Ting, Robinson ; MB : De Kruijf ,Yan Ni ; Opp :Boskovic

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