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Live chat 10 months ago 0
Really nice changes all over here, keep the good work !
Live chat 10 months ago 0
I have same password for all the platforms since the beginning, that's why
Live chat 10 months ago 0
Hi all, what up?
man, the clip is not here
nice compilation of amazing player. I think France was f#$&d up in the ass by this russian steroid guy and should be already at the Olympics. anyway I hope nobody will sharp out the Poland's place and I will have occasion to make some clip about Kubiak in Rio outhere.
co ty ogarniasz ostatnio gościu to jest niemożliwe
wohohoho mate, wohohohoh
ouu mate, it's masterpiece. pleeasure to watch it, I'll come back to the site just for this movie many times. cheers
zastanawiałem sie po mistrzostwach czy ktos zrobi filmik godnie oddajacy klimat calego wydarzenia. co jak co ale Ciebie i takiego mistrzowskiego dziela sie nie spodziewalem. kilka lat temu biloby rekordy popularnosci. dzieki za 4 minuty usmiechu i zajawki ;)
thank u very much for this clip, thank u. its awesome, thank u.
man, keep doing your job. u are the best in it ;)
Resovia Rzeszów 2013/14 5 years ago 0
wow, u show yourself once a year and always bring some masterpiece ;) this one is the best for sure.
Jelte Maan (2nd movie) 5 years ago +1
I really need this movie..
Jelte Maan 5 years ago 0
give it back!
if you use this season matches it would much more interesting ;) nice clip anyway.
do you have this action from 1.12 min? could u upload it? it looks extremaly awesome
seriously? movie with that quality? u could send me a picture ;)
really nice movie ;) thats gonna be interesting play-offs ;) I wish Jastrzębski to win.
Ok, I have already watched it 20 times, I will come back here tomorrow ;)
Ouuu man, I got no words to describe how awesome it is. we r going to check how much votes it's possible to get right now ;)

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