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Statistician for Danish VolleyLigaen team VK Vestsjælland and Danish youth national teams

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Nickname wukhang
Gender Male
Country Denmark
Town Slagelse
Job title Team Statistician
Company VK Vestsjælland
Birthday 1983-12-26
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How do I edit tournament? 8 months ago 0
@Volleybox ok thanks for the answer.
3) Yes, it was logo for existing tournaments.
4) When I made this post. Then there was a section where you must put in tags. And I couldn't find a related tag
Live chat 8 months ago 0
How to add a new beach volley tournament? CEV Beach Volleyball Continental Cup
Live chat 9 months ago 0
In the mens European tournaments there is a duplicate CEV Beach Volleyball Continental Cup, and it should be moved to beach tournaments. https://volleybox.net/tournament-types
Live chat 9 months ago 0
Just a suggestion. In awards, can you put a dream team on? Like Best outside hitters, middle blockers etc.
Live chat 11 months ago 0
I'm trying to add a match to European Championships Qualifications 2019. Denmark - Romania that was played 9th january 2019. But it says 'Date is out of tournament's date range.'