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brtkkTR 1
1 week ago

I got a message from Fredrick56 I believe it's a scam. Here is the message, can you deal with it. Thanks 

"Greetings My dear good friend

I am sorry for the privacy instrusion to your profile, My name is Fredrick Asante I'm a senior accountant working at standard chartered Bank LTD, I have a business that is associated with your name and it will benefit both of us. Contact me immediately if you are interested or you can send me your email address for more details. Email: fredrickasant@gmail.com."

Slobodan NiketićRS 65
1 week ago

@brtkk I got a message from Fredrick56 too. 

alghani khaira 2
1 week ago
Pablo RieraES 1
3 days ago

@brtkk yo también… no pienso contestar… a ver si lo eliminan o algo…

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