emir 1
2023-09-15 • 2130 просмотров • 4 replies

When will the individual rankings get updated, i thought Vargas would be the number one for the 2023 ranking but she is at the 3rd place and i think there are some scoring problems with the general one

10 месяцев тому назад

Absolutely I agree..

avid 103 8
9 месяцев тому назад

it's a bug that the mods cant fix… only volleybox can but they're not here much anymore… 

Bahk 2 4
6 месяцев тому назад

For all sub-7500 place ranked players, their general ranking is not visible on their profile page. Or is it meant to be so?

papiese 7 5
5 месяцев тому назад

@Bahk I think it is meant to be like that

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