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marciovolleyBR in Volleyball microblog
7 months ago

Referring to the Brazilian first divisions, both Men's and Women's, the Confederation says they will decide this issue very soon. 

marciovolleyBR in Volleyball microblog
7 months ago

Today, Brazilian Volleyball Confederation announced that Brazilian Superliga B (Men's and Women's) are finished. The clubs have just decide to finished these tournaments, before the quarter-finals, due to the risks of Convid-19, as a solution to preserve athletes, coaches, staffs and referees. 

Vôlei Guarulhos and Uberlândia, first and second places then, will play the Men's first divison next season. Brasília Vôlei and Itajaí Vôlei, also first and second places then, will be promoted to the first Women's division next season. 

Me, as many others here, are here for fun and want to contribute with volleyball world any way. I really hope we continue this way in harmony.
I regret I had to read some words not very gentle and very unfair here. Totally unnecessary.
Plus, I coud see when I refreshed the results after the semifinals end, in fact I could see the site sent me a message that the game was over... I don't have any control on that. Maybe, that's why because I'm in South America, tournament was in South America and the site is from Europe and there is GMT...
The following day, I edited on of my prediciontons (final game - Col 1x3 Dom Rep). This time, everybody could make changes too, because the prediction option was open to everybody.
I put the time of the matches I searched.
Last night, I added the two last games of this tournament. Last semifinal match ended very late in Lima, Peru (Arg x Dom. Rep). I've tried to added matches as soon as the last game ended, so that, other users could to make theirs predictions too, I made mines first.
Well, talking about Pan American prediction game... I would like to write some words..
Some actions of Luan Weber, the new spiker of Sada Cruzeiro. After one year playing in Turkey, the opposite comes back home and will play upcoming Brazilian Superliga 2018/2019 for the defending champions, Sada. Highlights of Luan playing for Montes …
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added 2 years ago by marciovolleyBrazilian Superliga 2017/18 • 2018-04-27
Bruna Honorio
Highlights of spiker Bruna Honorio (aka Bruna Silva), the 2nd best scorer and best server in Brazilian Superliga 2017/2018 playing for Pinheiros. The Brazilian NT newcomer will play at club level for Minas Tênis Clube next season 2018/2019.
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Highlights of the 5 best scorers in Brazilian Superliga 2017/2018: 1st. Tandara Caixeta - 626 pts; 2nd. Bruna Honorio - 412 pts; 3rd. Fernanda Garay - 395 pts; 4th. Yoana Palacio - 357 pts; 5th. Thaís Souza (Thaisinha) - 339 pts.
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added 2 years ago by marciovolley • 2018-04-01
The best liberos in the world
Compilation of fantastic digs of five of the best liberos in the world: Paweł Zatorski, Jenia Grebennikov, Sérgio 'Serginho' Dutra, Alexey Verbov and Erik Sohji.
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added 2 years ago by marciovolley • 2018-04-01
Saeid Marouf (4th movie)
Awesome actions of Saeid Marouf, one of the best setters in the world, playing for Iran national team and Paykan Tehran.He was named Best Setter in World League 2014 and MVP in the Asian Championship 2013.
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In 2017, the Volleyball Hall of Fame inducted the international volleyball great setter Irina Kirillova. Irina Kirillova aka Irina Parkhomchuk had a successful career and played from 1980 to 2012 around the world (Soviet Union, Russia, Croatia, Italy…
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added 2 years ago by marciovolleyFIVB World Cup 1985 • 2018-03-31
Lang Ping
Some actions of Lang Ping, China NT's coach, Olympic champion at Rio 2016 Olympics, playing as a spiker at Japan's World Cup 1985. Lang Ping was one of the best volleyball players ever and was the MVP of this tournament.
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