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I'm 26 years old volleyball fan from Poland, right now I live in London. In my free time I always try to find some time for my hobby, to make some new movies. Hope that you enjoy my work, more info about me you can find on my facebook page, cheers.

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added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2019-06-02
Giba - Icon of Volleyball
I decide to make a movie about legend,icon of volleyball. He's one of the best player in the history of volley.
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added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2019-02-03
Clayton Stanley Jersey
Hi. Anybody knows where i can get it or buy it - Clayton Stanley Jersey ?
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vtnklmdcPL in Volleyball microblog
1 year ago
hello all vm fans
vtnklmdcPL in Volleyball microblog
1 year ago
added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-12-25
TOP 20 Best Volleyball Digs Ever
Best volleyball digs by best players such a as: N'Gapeth, Giba, Bruno, Rouzier, Grbic, Murek etc. Enjoy.
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added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-12-21
TOP 20 Best Volleyball Actions 2018
Ready - TOP 20 Best Volleyball Actions 2018. I tried choose the best one, hope you will enjoy it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone!
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added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-11-06
Volleyball Legends
Who is best Legend ? Milijković ? Stanley ? Giba ? I decided to make this movie, couse all of this players deserve for this, Hope you like it :)
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1 year agovtnklmdc 1574 1
added 1 year ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-10-23
This Actions Shocked Volleyball [2004 - 2018]
After Kurek spike in final against Brazil I decide to make this video. We see after years how volleyball has changed :)
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added 2 years ago by vtnklmdcWorld Championships 2018 • 2018-10-20
Michał Kubiak in WCH 2018
Great tournament for Michał, he was really sick after game with Bulgaria. He leave 2 games with Argentina and France, but he comeback and helped our team won gold medal.
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added 2 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-10-16
Poland - We Are The Champions [2014 / 2018]
Poland defended their world title, defeating the reigning olympic champions Brazil in straight sets at a repeat of the 2014 final.
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2 years agovtnklmdc 1171 7
Our hero- Bartosz Kurek, he really deserve to be MVP. I thought he will never back on same level like in past, but he did and now he's even better, this story is amazing. He didn't play in WCH 2014 when Poland won gold medal, but he comeback with his…
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added 2 years ago by vtnklmdcWorld Championships 2018, final • 2018-09-30
Unbeliveble Kurek spike in 5 languages
Best Action during World Championships 2018. Crazy spike with huge power 117 km\h. This action prove why Poland won gold medal :)
7 comments 3399 views
2 years agovtnklmdc 3399 7
All highlights from Polish team matches. We really deserve to won this tournament. Amazing, just amazing :)
6 comments 1715 views
2 years agovtnklmdc 1715 6
added 2 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2018-08-29
TOP10 Best Actions by Ivan Zaytsev
Finally I find some time,idea to make a movie, I back with Ivan Zaytsev movie, hope you like it. Watch in HD.
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added 2 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2017-12-31
TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions [2nd part]
2nd part of TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions is ready. I was really in hurry to finish this movie before new year, and i did it , that's my gift for you my fans. Almost 7 minutes with best volleyball actions in last years.
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added 3 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2017-10-05
Best Volleyball Opposites in the world
This time I created for you movie about best opposites in volleyball. In the main role only best players like: Grozer, Sokolov, Mikhaylov, Wallace and Zaytsev. Hope you like it :)
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added 3 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2017-09-27
Georg Grozer - Volleyball Beast
After 10 months I back to create movies, hope you like it. This is time crazy player from Germany - Georg Grozer.
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3 years agovtnklmdc 2131 1
added 3 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-11-26
Volleyball Players Without Gravity - Crazy Jumps
This guys forgot about gravity, watch this crazy jumps . Only best players in action. Watch in hd, hope you will like it.
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added 3 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-11-20
Joandry Leal - Cuban Beast
After 6 months break I back with a new movie. Power of volleyball cuban player Joandry Leal. One of the best players right now. Enjoy!
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-05-24
Jenia Grebennikov - Making Volleyball Amazing
Must watch this, movie provide that Jenia is the best volleyball libero right now. Jenia Grebennikov (born 13 August 1990) is a French volleyball player of Russian origins, a member of France men's national volleyball team and Italian club Cucine Lub…
2 comments 2478 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 2478 2
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-05-02
This is Volleyball - Motivational Video
I think if you love volleyball you should watch this movie. All of the replays are in slow motion from different tournaments. That's also motivational movie with Al Pacino's Inspirational Speech. I had hope that you like this, Thanks for support. Che…
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-04-24
TOP 10 Best Volleyball Serve
The best servers in the world in actions. Speed of all serves was over 120 km/h. Savani, Sokolov, Grozer, Leal, Stanley and Kaziyski could win matches alone. Watch in HD
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-04-19
Why we love Polish Volleyball
Movie show why love Polish Volleyball, a lot of amazing actions in most important tournaments. In action such a great players like: Kurek, Zagumny, Wlazły and many others
3 comments 2041 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 2041 3
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-27
TOP 10 Best Volleyball Long Rally Actions
This movie show why we love volleyball. Every vollyball fan should watch this. All of this actions show how volleyball is dificult game. I had hope that you agree with my choices. Watch in HD :)
1 comments 2554 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 2554 1
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-25
TOP 10 Best Volleyball Pipes
This time I have for you TOP 10 Best Volleyball Pipes with such a great players in action like Dante, Kaziyski or Leon. Which spike you like the most ? Watch in HD :)
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-23
Robertlany Simon - Making Volleyball Amazing
The beast of volleyball. One of the best middle-blocker in the world in action! Watch in HD. Right now he play in Korean league.
2 comments 2115 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 2115 2
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-20
TOP 50 Best Volleyball Hits
Every volleyball fan should watch this movie. Today I have you TOP 50 Best Volleyball Hits, some of the spikes I didn't use becouse of the low quality. Which spike you like the most ? I hope you enjoy this movie :)
1 comments 2918 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 2918 1
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-13
TOP 10 Best Volleyball Sets
Which set you like the most ? Amazing volleyball sets collected in one movie. In this movie you will see such great players like: Sergio Santos, Bruno Rezende, Luciano De Cecco, Paweł Zagumny and many others.
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-13
TOP 10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Aleksandar Atansijević, Georg Grozer, Leandro Vissotto, Wilfredo Leon, Wal…
2 comments 4175 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 4175 2
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-11
TOP10 Best Volleyball Blocks (2nd movie)
You have to see this movie. We must show the world that Volleyball isn't worse than Football, Basketball or Hockey ;-)
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added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2016-03-05
TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions
I make a new version of Top 25 Best Volleyball Actions because YouTube deleted my previous version. In this movie I didn't use any materials from Polsat Sport and Ipla. I had hope that you like it.
1 comments 3912 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 3912 1
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdcThe Olympics Qualifications 2016, 3rd place match • 2016-01-10
Poland amazing defence (Germany - Poland)
That's why I started love volleyball, just amazing volleyball defence by Zatorski and Łomacz and later smart tip by Kurek gives Polish team very important point, you must see this.
2 comments 1738 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 1738 2
added 4 years ago by vtnklmdc • 2015-12-23
TOP10 Best Volleyball Actions during warm-up
Best actions during warm-up. Best plays with such great players like: Kurek, Rezende, Bartman, De Cecco and many others. Watch in HD.
4 comments 4099 views
4 years agovtnklmdc 4099 4
added 5 years ago by vtnklmdcFriendly match 2016, Friendly • 2015-08-29
Sergio Santos fantastic set (USA - Brazil)
You must watch this action !!! Sergio Santos show why he's the best libero in the world. That was a friendly match but I'm sure that Sergio can do this even in the Olypmics Final. Watch in HD.
2 comments 1889 views
5 years agovtnklmdc 1889 2
added 5 years ago by vtnklmdcWorld League 2015, Group J • 2015-07-17
Bartosz Kurek huge block
Huge block by Bartosz Kurek during World League 2015 Finals in match Serbia against Poland. He scored 24 points with 21 spikes, 2 blocks and 1 ace. Serbia needed to be at their very best to beat Poland 3:2 in the World League at the Maracanãzinho Ar…
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added 5 years ago by vtnklmdcWorld League 2015, Group D • 2015-05-31
Earvin N'Gapeth 3rd meter spike
Hear the sound of ball striking on the floor. He was absolutely the best player of matches in Korea. His team was a favorite and won two matches (3:1 and 3:0). Actually he is on the 25th place among the best scorers in the Intercontinental - Group 2…
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5 years agovtnklmdc 2340 1
added 5 years ago by vtnklmdcWorld League 2015, Group D • 2015-05-30
Earvin N'Gapeth fantastic set (South Korea - France)
Do you remember nice flying set from Earvin N'Gapeth to Nemanja Petrić during the Serie A 2014/15? There is similar action in yesterday's game between South Korean and France. He once again showed his amazing skills. Laurent Tillie's team started t…
1 comments 2219 views
5 years agovtnklmdc 2219 1
Another huge block in Korean V-League. This time duel between two players from Cuba: Leonardo Leyva Martinez vs. Robertlandy Simon Aties. He didn't give any chance of a successful spike by the Simon Aties, who is the best player of that league. Leon…
10 comments 5387 views
5 years agovtnklmdc 5387 10
added 5 years ago by vtnklmdcChampions League 2014/15 • 2015-02-11
Lukas Divis funny serve
Funny serve from the battle between Tomis Constanta and Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Lukas Divis said: "Maybe it seemed like an easy victory, but we worked hard for it. We made the difference with the serving, which is an important quality of volleyball i…
2 comments 2145 views
5 years agovtnklmdc 2145 2
Great play presented by duo Michał Kubiak and Tsvetan Sokolov. Amazing action from the last elimination round of Champions League 2014/15. Both teams are already qualified for quarter-finals before this game. In the next round of Champions League, H…
3 comments 1878 views
5 years agovtnklmdc 1878 3
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